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 By Quincy Koetz
Cedar Breaks Brian Head

Brian Head Peak and Cedar Breaks Hike, Utah

Brian Head Peak and nearby Cedar Breaks are far more famous as a ski and mountain biking destinations. However Brian Head’s Summit stands at 11,307‘ making it the highest point on the Markagunt Plateau and one of the highest summits on the Grand Staircase. Its worth the visit after Cedar Breaks As I drove into...

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Top of Spencer Trail Arizona

Hiking the Spencer Trail, Lees Ferry, Arizona

The Spencer Trail, best hike in the Lees Ferry Area Along my travels through the Southwest, I finally visited Lee’s Ferry, the famously placid and flat section of the Colorado river before dipping into the Grand Canyon. For many years, this was the only reasonably accessible crossing of hundreds of miles of the Colorado River....

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Craters of the Moon 2

Hiking and Sightseeing at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve captures the title of most unique destination in Idaho. In the otherwise pancake flat agricultural region of the Snake River Plain, massive volcanic features create a magnificent contrast. “Looks like Hawaii!” is what I heard from almost every kid I encountered while visiting Craters of...

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City of Rocks National Preserve Idaho

Hiking and Sightseeing at City of Rocks Preserve, Idaho

My first return to Idaho in 7 years began with a trip through the imaginative and unique City of Rocks Preserve. Though known for rock climbing, a few informal hiking trails lead to some fantastic vistas. Idaho was on my short list of states that I’ve visited but barely explored. Part of the impetus for...

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