Not lofty, but Mount Sunflower is beautiful!

Mount Sunflower
Mt Sunflower at dusk

Mt Sunflower stands at 4,039' in the high plains of extreme western Kansas. Its the high-point of the state although the point itself is indistinguishable from the rolling plains. Its on private land but the landowners graciously allow unrestricted public access as long as you respect the working cattle ranch. Though in a rural part of the state, its not hard to get to from Interstate 70 or Highway 40 if on a road trip (which I was)

In my travels this summer, I climbed a few more state high points including Black Mesa in Oklahoma. Relatively speaking, I wasn't far from Mt Sunflower in Kansas. All I had to do was drive 4 hours North across the high plains. Its actually a gorgeous drive.

Here's an area map with directions from the North and South;

Driving to Mt Sunflower

Like an increasing number of high points in rural areas (Black Mesa, Jerimoth Hill, Woodall Mountain, White Butte ect.) locals have placed markers and signposts directing travelers. In the case of Mt Sunflower, it was one of the most well-marked high points I've visited.

Again, I came from the South, eventually hitting Highway 40 near Cheyanne Wells. I turned East and quickly crossed into Kansas. I drove no more than a mile and a half past the Kansas state line and took the first left onto Road Three. I saw a sign indicating the high-point was 12 miles away.

To Mt Sunflower
Nice Sign!

The sign was entirely accurate- I drove 11 miles North on this road to the next sign and took a left. After less than a half a mile, I took a right at the very clearly marked intersection for Mount Sunflower

As of Summer 2019, the roads are in excellent condition. Its all dirt but easily passed by a typical passenger vehicle. I had descent cell reception most of the way. Google Maps also provided accurate directions when I simply plugged in "Mt Sunflower"

At Mt Sunflower

Mt Sunflower is a drive, not a hike! I suppose somebody could park a car somewhere and bike or hike the roads but it was already dusk so I just drove to the top. Its a pretty spot!

Kansas Road
Late afternoon on the road to Mt sunflower
Kansas Storm
Classic views in the high plains

At the top, I parked and meandered around. I watched the sun set over the plains and watched a distant thunderstorm. Though flat, I felt I could see for miles in every direction.

Other than the high point, there's a summit register, a small library and a picnic spot. If you plan on spending more than a few minutes, bring sunscreen and bug spray in the summer.

Also, not that this really matters for this place, but Mt Sunflower is in a narrow part of Kansas that's on mountain time. I don't think there's any official hours for this place though.

Mt Sunflower Entrance
Fun art near the top

Well that's high point #43 for me! Just seven left including Alaska and Hawaii.