Hi there! I’m Quincy Koetz, an outdoorsman and Nurse Practitioner living in Northern California.

I started this webpage in 2010 when I was an EMT living in Southern California. Recently graduated from university and not entirely sure of what I wanted to do with my life, I figured why not start a travel blog like everybody else. I hoped that my photography, writing and guides would inspire others.

My website accompanied me  through many chapters of life in the past 8 years. I wrote about my great road trip from California to Maine where I lived several years and wrote about hundreds of hikes, climbs and kayak trips of New England. Following that, I moved to Chicago. The hyperurban lifestyle was uncharacteristic of my previous pursuits but I fell in love with the city and explored the greatly underrated Midwestern outdoors.

Now I’m back where I started! Marriage, career choices and family lead me to the place I call home; Northern California.

The Travel Blog/Website world is an interesting one that’s governed by the capricious changes in fashion and one’s prowess in social media. I read many stories of millennials who boldly quit their jobs, traveled to every continent, dozens of countries and happily live life on the road. Its like the new American Dream. To be honest, that’s never been my goal nor do I find it appealing. I love my work, love my current lifestyle and find plenty of great adventures domestically.

I continue to write about all great and small trips I take. The Bay Area and Northern California constantly surprise me as I explore “my backyard”. My year is punctuated by several large road trips and attempts to visit blank spots on the map.

Happy Trails!

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