Stout in altitude though worth the visit.
At the summit of Indiana
Oh there is not much to write about this location that has not already been written, other than yours truly made it to the summit. Despite Southern Indiana's fairly rugged terrain and the tall sand dunes of the Lake Michigan shoreline, the honor of Indiana's Tallest Mountain goes to a barely perceptible elevated point next to a farm. Naturally, its named "Hoosier Hill". 

This is one of six entirely privately owned state high points. The others are also mostly in the midwest-  Sunflower Mountain (Kansas), Black Mountain (Kentucky), White Butte (North Dakota), Driskill Mountain (Louisiana) and Campbell Hill (Ohio). The landowners graciously allow and encourage people to "hike" to the highpoint. Other than basic rules of leave no trace and respecting private land, there are no other special restrictions. I would recommend only visiting in daylight hours.

Previous trip reports indicate that there are no signs marking the highpoint though this has more recently changed. It is an easy place to miss if you're not looking for it as there is no real parking lot though. Other than the parking area itself, it is all paved roads to the top. 

The summit itself is about a 60 second walk from the car and has the obligatory Highpointers Bench and Summit Register. Some kind boyscout made an eagle scout project out of the place and there is an etched boulder that marks the true high point. Its actually a very pleasant place. Rural Indiana is not short on charm
Summit boulder

"Summit Approach" from the southwest couloir

Parking Area

Summit registers are always fun to read- there were couples and families from all across the state and country who drove to this place. Its a popular location due to its ease of accessibility. Ohio's state high point is only about 1 hour and 45 minutes away by drive as well, making the two often being completed in the same day for those who care. Ohio's high point has a far more obvious rise, especially if traveling from the West. 

That makes 34/50 for me in highpointing! Onward to Ohio!