Wisconsin is a more mountainous State than you would expect in the Midwest. Sure the mountains are not high nor steep, but there are mountains nonetheless. I've greatly enjoyed touring through the “ Driftless area”  which are not in mountains in the traditional sense of the word but have a very similar terrain.  Timms Hill of North Central Wisconsin rises to an altitude of 1,951ft though it does not have as much relief as  Rib Mountain which I recently wrote about. Fortunately for Peak Baggers and Wisconsinites alike, this is a very easy Mountain to hike.

Timms Hill is located  almost exactly 25 miles due west of the town of Tomahawk, Wisconsin. It is one hour from the town of Rheinlander or about an hour north of Wausau,  Wisconsin.  getting there involves driving on some isolated highways but no unpaved roads. Just below the Hi-Point is a charming little stop called High Point Village and you can get a great cup of coffee there if  passing through in the morning. The lake below Timms Hill is picturesque as well.

Ownership of State high points is an interesting topic in itself. Several of the country's high points are in National Parks, a few are in state parks and many are surprisingly privately owned (all are legally accessible if following proper directions). The highpoint of Wisconsin is the only one that is in a County Park. As a side note I would say that the county parks of Wisconsin match the grandiosity of state and national parks.

 The signs for the drive to Timms Hill are very well marked. It is a one way Road. the parking lot is roughly 400 yards from The Summit. There is no cost to hiking the mountain. The trail itself is nondescript but well-designed. Trees have been cleared from the summit to offer a bit of a view, but no trip would be complete without a hike to the summit fire tower. 

I was thinking that this would be a brief stop for me on a great road trip North. I wasn't expecting to have the 360 degree panoramic view that I had on the top.  I could see the serenity of Northern Wisconsin for miles and miles.   Small dairy farms dispersed amongst Pine and hardwood forests created somewhat of an Irish feeling. I probably stayed up there for an hour.

Around the summit area are many other trails. In the winter they can be cross country ski tour snowshoed. In the summer they are nothing more than pleasant walks in the woods.  I saw several fishermen on Bass and Timms Lake, the highest in the state. I preferred relaxing by the lake shore listening to the ever so unique sound of loons.
Timms Lake

Well that is my 37th State High Point. Each one has its own unique draw. I stayed the night in Rhinelander and couldn't wait to get some mountain biking in.