My adventure up north ended up being a great tour of all the waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. While I knew that there were many waterfalls that ran in the Pictured rocks National Lakeshore, I suppose I was somewhat oblivious to the myriad of other waterfalls in this part of the country. Agatr Falls is a thunderous cataract beneath an old rail bridge creating the frontieresque visage.

Hiking Agate Falls is hiking in the loosest sense of the term. It is neither a steep nor a far hike and certainly has a good bang for your buck. A number of signs from Highway 28 alert the traveler that the Falls are near. The parking area is on the eastbound side of the highway. It is about a quarter to a half a mile hike to the waterfalls. At the end there is a wooden viewing platform that looks right down on the falls. However I felt the best view was the one from the rail Bridge which has been turned into a snowmobiling trail. There are no signs of trails to get to the rail bridge but several herd paths exist which are easily traversed as well. I'm uncertain of the acceptance of the numerous additional herd paths that also go down to the river itself, but most of the great pictures of the Falls come from folks standing on the river bank.

As I happened to be there on the same day I saw Bond Falls (which most people end up doing), Agate Falls was running with as much ferocity. I lucked out coming there after a large thunderstorm but I'd recommend planning for it if you can.

There must be a grand Circle of waterfalls tour of the Upper Peninsula as I felt like I was never more than twenty or thirty miles from the next falls. In this case my next destination was Canyon Falls.