An outdoorsman and Nurse Practitioner living in Chicago. When I first started this blog, I was an EMT living in Southern California and this blog has followed...

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 By Quincy Koetz

Mountain Biking the Raven Trail, Minocqua, Wisconsin

The Raven Trail is one of the finest mountain biking trail systems in the Northwoods. Flowing and sheltered, it’s a grand ride through the woods. Mountain biking “up nort” in Wisconsin is serious business. Before visiting, I thought that there would be some quaint trail systems that were fun to poke around but I was...

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Mountain Biking Arkansas’ Womble and Vista Trails

Arkansas is an increasingly prominent destination for mountain bikers. Although well known to a more local scene for years, even western folks like me pine for epic singletracks out in the Ouachitas. The Womble Trail and Vista Trails are not to be missed. Day: 27 All my friends from New England and out West thought...

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Mountain Biking Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

Oak Mountain State Park is really what put Alabama on the map in the way of demanding singletrack mountain biking. Maintained by the state park and the BUMP Club, the trails offer great biking from novice to expert. Loving this singletrack!! Day: 25 With all due respect to Talladega, there just ain’t nuttin like the speed and...

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