Moxie Falls is a 90-ft waterfall located in central Maine along the Kennebec River. Its a short hike near the tows of The Forks and is something not to be missed on the drive to Jackman and Quebec. It is the second highest waterfall in Maine after Katahdin Falls.
Moxie Falls, Maine
After finishing the kayaking trip of Moosehead Lake, I decided to take the roundabout way back home to Southern Maine. So instead of heading south from Greenville, I headed west along the shore of Moosehead and on to Jackman. I was basically making a list of things to come back to  when that inevitable restlessness hits me again and I have to head off to some wild place. It was such a scenic drive and I shared it with no other cars save for a few logging trucks. 

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Once I pulled into Jackman, I spent a little time walking around the town and enjoying the view of  Wood Pond. Then I turned South for the glorious drive from here to Skowhegan. Highway 201 stays relatively high by East Coast standards and winds through the Appalachian Mountains before dropping down along the Kennebec River Valley. I pulled into the famous whitewater town of The Forks, Maine and went down the paved Lake Moxie Road to the Moxie Falls Trailhead. It was surprisingly accessible!
The cascades of the Moxie River before the falls
Moxie Falls was the last stop on this Moosehead Lake trip and it was a great way to end! Its a very gentle, one mile round trip hike with several overlooks. After leaving the parking lot, the trail winds through the woods a bit and then comes to a four-way trail intersection. Just keep heading straight to get to the falls. Before I knew it, I was there! You get a lot of bang for your buck on this hike!
There's also a pretty large gorge after the falls.
You just gotta love the Maine Gazetteer, always pointing out places like this that would otherwise go unnoticed on a road trip. It would be a long drive from Portland or Boston to get here, but there's a thousand other sights to see so I don't see why it wouldn't be worth the trip. 

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