Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
         "Every season is adventure season"
      Welcome to the greatest skiing and snowboarding on the west coast (Yes, we know that). Welcome also, to California's biggest mountain biking destination (really?). Lake Tahoe, located about 4 hours east of San Francisco, is home of 12 ski resorts and some of the deepest powder in America. Massive terrain parks, 2-3 mile runs, resorts with thousands of backcountry acres, and views of the largest alpine lake in the Sierras make Lake Tahoe an international destination. However, due to the large number of resorts in the area, lift lines are generally short and there are plenty of runs that don't feel like a traffic jam. Summer isn't the off season either. Lake Tahoe instantly becomes a mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, and water skiing destination, although the lake becomes considerably more crowded. However, due to its scenic resorts and endless opportunities, Lake Tahoe makes #7 on my list.

The Infamous "Flume Trail"
      If you really want a ride, you have to do the "Flume Trail". Its on the Nevada side of the lake and is the best single track on the west coast. The trail literally used to be a log flume cut straight into a granite cliff. When the log flume was taken out, it conviently left a handlebar wide trail. Not for the faint-hearted, the trail has 400 foot dropoffs on one side and a sheer face on the other. Stay in control! This trail is located in Nevada's Lake Tahoe State Park.