Redwood National Park, North Coast
          "Natural Skyscrapers"

Its a jungle out there!
      Redwood National Park is located in the Northwestern corner of the state and is probably the greenest area of the world. Redwood trees themselves can grow to a height of over 350ft- imagine a football field, add 50 ft... that's how tall a single tree can get. Yet, there is more to it than just trees. This part of California is essentially a rainforest. Without trails, it is difficult to walk 5 feet in the forest due to its rich amount of vegetation and lushness. The coast is rugged, unexplored and if you go at the right time of year, you're bound to see a whale or two. It may seem overly bohemian to see a place simply for the trees, but Coastal Redwoods are certainly a hallmark of California beauty.
Redwood National Park is a long ways from anywhwere. Then again, the destination is a perfect excuse for a road trip. The drive up the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway will certainly take you through the rugged and rocky coastline of Northern California and through some delightful little towns in Humbolt and Mendocino County. The Northern Californian coast and extreme southern Oregon is the only place in the world where Redwoods grow.