San Francisco, California
          "Go around the world in 8 city blocks"

      As mentioned earlier, I include anything that could be considered an adventure to this blog and friends... San Francisco is an adventurous city. Although I generally consider cities one of the less wonderful aspects of modern society, San Francisco tops my short list of "Cities I Enjoy". Why? San Francisco is very green, historical, diverse, and just a fun to be in. Many cities have their cultural districts, but San Francisco has nearly every major cultural district within 8 square miles. There are massive amounts of cultural food, festivals, art, entertainment, and museums all around. Its not all urban though! Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, and Golden Gate National Recreation areas offer hikes overlooking the beach and bay. These parks are much larger and less crowded than say, Central Park. Still too crowded? Hop right across the Golden Gate Bridge and you're in the middle of green California coast.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco

Ten sort-of-toursity, yet classically San Franciscan things you must do:

1) Bark at the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf
2) Watch San Francisco's famous homeless "bushman" scare people at the Wharf
3) Taste the greatest chocolate on Earth at Ghirardelli Square
4) Ride a real San Francisco Trolley down to Union Square
5) Explore the Presido of San Francisco and enjoy the historic park
6) Walk the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge (and back)
7) Be a kid again and explore the Exploratorium (Science Discovery Center)
8) REAL Chinese food in Chinatown
9) Check out the famous Alcatraz Prison
10) Drive Lombard St. "The windiest street on earth"