If my statistics are correct, it seems I've generated a small amount of readership of this blog! I wanted to take a moment and provide some updates and news on the blog and let you know what's coming up.
Who's ready for the winter!?!
First of all, this blog has gotten its 10,000th google hit! Not exactly a huge number in the Internet world, but something to celebrate none the less. I have a pretty specific audience so I'm happy that I've made a splash in the outdoor adventure world. What's most encouraging is that I commonly see my articles alongside big names like Backpacker, Leisure and Travel, and National Geographic Adventure. 

I've been using webmaster tools to track readership and improve my SEO abilities. I'm receiving a huge amount of traffic and impression through image viewing which is not surprising. It is affirming as an aspiring photographer to see my "work" featured alongside other stunning images that were taken by better cameras than my lil' point and shoot.
Desert Adventures!
Winter is fast approaching so my focus will shift away from summer activities. This will include a large number of articles on desert hiking and Southwestern favorites; the desert is actually quite temperate in the winter months! I'm also continuing full speed ahead in my quest to climb New England's 50 Finest Mountains which will include some well known favorites and others that barely have anything written about them. In addition to my time in New England, I'll be returning to California for a stint in the winter which will mean new trip reports and new places to visit. Mountaineering, ice climbing, cross country skiing, snowboarding... I have some great trips coming up!
Your man on the outside!
One of the things I've always wanted to focus on in my writing is highlighting some of the better outdoor literature that's out there. I'm commonly taking outdoor lit classics on my adventures which always augments the experience. So expect some commentary and recommendations to this wonderful genre.

Lastly, I'm going to be posting reviews on a bunch of my gear. My last post on my outdoor research aurora bivy has made quite a splash in the way of bivy reviews. I put most of my gear through a real beating so I'm sure it would be helpful to post some things. I'd love to hear feedback if you're feeling inclined!
These beautiful New England Mountains are covered in 2 feet of snow now!
Can't wait to hit the trail!
Stay posted, friends! After all, there's no off-season for an outdoorsman!

Read. Plan. Get Out There!