I hiked the highest mountain in Rhode Island and have the photos to prove it...
Jerimoth Hill, Rhode Island's High Point
High Pointing... what a ridiculous pursuit. In the grand scheme of lunatics who climb mountains and routes only to check things off on a tick-list, high-pointing is perhaps the most pointless list of them all. I mean, to have climbed the high point in all 50 states involves some impressive ascents of famous peaks like Mt Rainier, Denali and Hood while also making incredibly demanding trips to isolated summits like Granite Peak (MT), Gannett Peak (WY) and Kings Peak (UT). So those are an accomplishment in their own right, but you also have to make silly trips to slightly elevated mounds of land on otherwise flat surfaces like Nebraska's Panorama Point, Ohio's Campbell Hill and, of course, Rhode Islands Jerimoth Hill. Why do I believe that climbing the 50 state high points is an accomplishment? Credo quia absurdum

So... Jerimoth Hill... 812 feet. Block Island, Rhode Island was a genuine adventure so its not like this is the state's only attraction. However this little hill is just ridiculous enough that I drive out of my way to get to it. Located near the town of Foster, Rhode Island in the rural, northwestern corner of the state, it isn't exactly a difficult place to get to and it is not too far from Providence.

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(Like you really need a trail map)
Although its hard to believe, Jerimoth Hill was once infamous for being the most difficult state high point to climb. This is not because of any technical difficulties, it was just owned by a guy who was sick and tired of people trespassing over his land to get to the "summit". So people were literally getting chased off with shotgun blasts and police threats at one point. Yep... Jerimoth Hill was once a more elusive high point than Denali or Rainier. Here's the full story.

I had no such trouble on this fine New England spring day. 
A nice little stroll through the woods to the Rhode Island High Point
These days the point is owned by the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (the proper name for the state). It is maintained by the Highpointer's Club.  Yes... there are more crazy fellows out there just like me who have to climb them all. The trail is very easy to follow but don't veer of the trail- everything else is still private land so please be respectful. 

It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to get to the hill. There's nothing more than a few rocks and an American Flag to mark the otherwise unnoticeable point. In all seriousness though, it was a nice drive through rural Rhode Island and spring was hitting it just right so that the trees were green and the flowers were blooming. Rhode Island often gets overlooked due to its size, but whether you're strolling along the beach or strolling to some famous hill, there's plenty to see. 
The summit of Jerimoth Hill
So there you have it. I've done 14 high points to this day- everything in New England several difficult summits out west. Its a fun pursuit, really and it takes me to places I never thought I would go and that's enough for me to say its worth it. Next up... Mt Frissell, Connecticut's High Point!

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