Standing at the very edge of the Appalachian Mountains, Mt Blue is a classic hike which offers great views of the Northern mountains and central Maine. 
Sunset and Thundershowers on Mt Blue
Its been too long hasn't it? Summer is a prime time for adventure and blogging and I've had much more of the former. This summer has been full of both rock climbing and university work which has left few opportunities for writing. While rock climbing is certainly has outdoor blog-worthy material, I didn't feel like I could contribute much to the already large amount of information available on routes in New Hampshire. However I recently spent 3 days drifting around the lovely town of Rangeley and the lakes which has been an endless source of relaxation and interesting hikes!

First up, hiking the Mt Blue of Mt Blue State Park!
Mt Blue Rd
After finishing yet another grueling semester of grad school, I quickly hit the road bound for Rangeley. Mt Blue State Park is on the way and includes a fantastic mountain which also happens to be on the New England's 50 Finest Mountains List. I particularly enjoy climbing mountains on this list because they are, by definition, the most prominent mountains (tallest in relation to the surrounding terrain) of New England which often means they sport the best views. Mt Blue would not disappoint.

Arriving in the tiny town of Weld, Maine, I drove right into the state park and up the windy, one-lane road which takes you to the trailhead. Its not rough by 4-wheel drive standards but it might keep you on edge if you're not used to dirt roads. Thinking that this road might have been too much for me, I arrived at the top to see both a Prius and a school-bus parked neatly at the top.... apparently I'm a wimp!
Hiking in Maine always feels like hiking in a rainforest
Its not a long hike to the top of Mt Blue- 1.6 miles to the summit from the parking lot. It is a very steep hike though. At the same time, it was a pleasant hike through the Maine woods which are lush and remind me of a rainforest. There were no views on the way up but the summit had three sweeping views of the Appalachians. This summit had to be one of my favorite views of all the mountains I've climbed in Maine. 
Summit Views on Mt Blue
More views
The fire tower at the top is also open which allows for more epic pictures and places to contemplate the meaning of life. I was not expecting Mt Blue to be anything special but I found it to be surprisingly easy and enjoyable. I would come back in a heartbeat!

I came down from the mountain just in time for a thunderstorm and headed out to Rangeley. Next stop, Saddleback Mountain and the Horn!

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