The Devil's Postpile is a geological wonder of the world.
The John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails meander through this natural monument
Unique formations in Devil's Postpile
Of all the sights to be seen on the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trail, the Devils Postpile National Monument is perhaps the strangest and most unique. For those who are traveling the famous Route 395 along the Eastern Sierras, this is also a destination which cannot be missed. Fortunately it is easily accessible from the nearby town of Mammoth Lakes, California. 

The wonderful part about Devil's Postpile is that it is easily accessible and the hikes are rather short. There's a couple of sights you can't miss:
  • Devils Postpile Hike: This is a 0.4 mile walk from the visitor's center and is well marked and flat. The trail will bring you to the base and you can hike to the top or circle around the monument. If you're coming from the John Muir Trail or Pacific Crest Trail, the monument turn-off is well marked. However, the JMT/PCT do not travel nearby the actual postpile.
  • Rainbow Falls Hike: From the parking lot at the visitors center, its a 5 mile hike round trip but you can also park at Reds Meadow and take the JMT/PCT trail to the turnoff to cut out a little of the distance. This trail is also well-marked and you can see it on the map above.
  • Ansel Adams Wilderness: If you follow the JMT/PCT trail northwards out of the park, you will travel through the infamous Ansel Adams Wilderness which has some stunning sights such as Thousand Island Lake, Garnet Lake and the rugged Ritter Range. These locations are all within about a 2-day backpacking trip.
Some perfectly hexagonal structures on the top of Devils Postpile
Devils Postpile, at the bottom
Backpacking through Ansel Adams Wilderness. Ritter Range and Thousand Island Lake
So there are all kinds of options if you go to Devils Postpile. If you're looking for short hikes, there are plenty of them. Its also a great place to start an epic backpack trip. Of course, if you're on the Pacific Crest Trail, this will be one of your highlights as you hike up to Canada. Whatever your pleasure, the Devils Postpile will certainly amaze. 

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