The Pursuit of Life is now Midwestern Based!
I suppose I'll join the ranks of bloggers and websites who are recounting the year by blogging. This year was a particularly good year for what was once a little blog for family and friends. It was the first year where I did a fair amount of writing for other people- a small step in the grander scheme of things but a major milestone for me. I never intended for writing to be a pseudo-career but after doing something for a long enough time, its funny how people want to pay you. Here's a few highlights-

Best of the East, According to a Californian- Matador Network (December 2014)

Key Funding for Gulf Hagas Whitecap Project Secured- Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust (December 2014)

Travel Essentials that Can't be Replaced by a Smartphone App- Sponsored post for RelayRides (December 2014)

26 Miles to Paradise- Dwellable (September 2014)

Gaspésie: Eastern Canada’s answer to the Rockies- (April 2014)

Explore Topock Gorge- Scouting Magazine (March/April 2014)

Crocker Mountains, Maine- Public Presentation for Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands (June 2014)

Featured Blog- TrailsNH (2014)

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This is the scene from my new daily run
Its been quite a year, both professionally and for outdoor writing. The trip across the Mid-atlantic and the South was certainly helpful and I had a long running list of places I'd return to. Now that I've built up some time off at work, I'm looking forward to cashing that in with some trips back out West. Living in downtown Chicago has been much more enjoyable than I thought it would be but I need to hit the road again soon. I can't wait!

So, happy new year, from the pursuit of life!