"A good traveler has no plans, and is not intent on arriving" ~Lao Tzu

America's First Sunrise, Maine
Adventure is Out There!
     The age of exploration never ended, and it never will. The maps have all been drawn, the earth has been circled, and you can see places halfway around the world with a click of a button... but where's the fun in that? Adventure is out there, it always will be! There are still rivers to run, mountains to climb, sunsets to watch and starry skies to sleep under. The only question is, where do you want to go?

     This is blog is your connection to all the wonderful and wild places out there. What to do, where to go, and how to get there. This blog covers everything adventure- So whether you're looking for your next weekend hike, a month-long backpacking trip, or just a quiet place in a big city, this blog will get you there!

Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
The Focus-
     I am constantly asked "Joe, I really want to go (hiking/climbing/kayaking/ect) , where's the best place?" Of course, the answer is- "Well that depends..." There are all kinds of trips out there which may appeal to a seasoned backpacker yet be too much for a first-timer. A three mile hike with views of the city may be excellent for a weekender yet deter a climber. So, this blog will be about all adventures, anywhere. General focuses I'd like to provide you are-

  • Wilderness and Nature: Places to explore the untouched world. All the mountains, deserts, forests, beaches and islands that allow you a chance to "get away from it all"

  • Our National Parks: The United States has some of the most majestic protected lands in the world, and most of them are cheap or free to the public. I will highlight our National Parks, Monuments, Forests and other public lands.

  • Beating the Crowds: Anyone who has been to Yosemite in the summer can attest to the fact that sometimes, beautiful places can be more crowded than Disneyland. However, I have a knack for finding out the unexplored parts of such places and how to really beat all those nasty tourists.

  • Urban Adventures: Would you believe me if I told you there are places in Los Angeles and Orange County where I have seldom or never seen another soul? Would you believe me if I told you there is a 40 foot ocean arch a quarter of a mile from Corona Del Mar, or that there's some of the country's best mountain biking only 5 miles south of Newport Beach?

  • Upcoming Trips: I often lead trips out to many of the places I talk and blog about. Stay updated here- I usually run one major trip every quarter!

  • Adventure Culture: In addition to the actual destinations, I would like to highlight some of the best Adventure Literature, new and classic, as well as the general culture of 21st century exploring.
Boldering in Newport Beach, California
The Writer-
Who am I? I'm an average guy with an average paycheck doing my best to live an extrodinary life. I have an insatiable wanderlust, a love of nature, and a desire to share some of this country's beautiful places with anyone and everyone.
     I am by no means an armchair explorer! I get out as much and often as possible. Road trips, mountain climbing, snowboarding, kayaking expeditions, thru-hiking, ect.- Its all in a season's trips for me. I often plan and lead trips for people of varying wilderness experience as well. Although I wish I could do this all the time, I would like to provide you a source where you can gain all the pertinant information you would need to plan your own dayhike/expedition/float trip. Everything that I post about has been "tested" and you won't find yourself going off into a place that I don't know nearly everything about. As mentioned earlier, the advantage of this blog is that there are no limits- if it can be considered an adventure, I will post about it! So, stay tuned!

Mt Rainier, Washinton

Read. Plan. Get Out There!