You don't have to go to Utah to sea Natural Arches!
Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar have some natural arches
Although I now live up in the easternmost state in the country, it wasn't too long ago that I was a Newport Beach surfer bum. Well... maybe not entirely; I was more of a mediocre surfer working towards my degree at UC Irvine. But I was the same outdoorsman that I am today and although living on the beach was amazing, it was far cry from the rural lifestyle I desired. Fortunately there happened to be a few places on the rugged South Coast of Orange County that offered some respite from my otherwise urban life. 

I'm surprised there's not more information available about the few arches that are just southeast of Corona Del Mar Beach. I stumbled across these when I was just hiking along the coast for a day. Its not much of a hike, more of a stumble across slippery and jagged rock. But as I was walking along, I found this 20ft arch that I was not expecting!
Newport Beach's Arch
Its a pretty good sized arch!
The other arch can be seen from Corona del Mar and I've heard that it is actually named "The Crown". Its a nice pyramidal arch which has a 10 ft opening. You wouldn't have to hike very far from the beach to get a better view of it. 

Other than the arches, there are lots of opportunities for tidepooling and enjoying the coast. There are also a few caves you can poke around in. I found the area peculiar because the rugged coast is overlooked by the classic million-dollar mansions of the South Coast but its free and unrestricted to walk along the beach. Its a nice place to spend a morning or afternoon!
Newport Beach Sunset
Just bouldering around Newport
Sunset on the Arch
Accessible, easy and scenic... it has all the ingredients for a nice day! I came out here often to get a break in the studying. Its a great place to experience the wild coast of California!

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