After hiking up Mt Snow Cupsuptic in between night shifts at the hospital, I packed my things, checked out of my apartment and headed off to Chicago. But before leaving, I had to finish up a goal which had been 4 years in the making. As it turns out, I could finish all four lists I had been working on in one hike- Mt Carrigain.
The view from Mt Carrigain includes nearly every 4,000 Footer
Day: 1
Miles: 65

I'm on a road trip again. This is somewhat of a familiar thing for me now to kick off a new way of life with a 5000 mile road trip. As mentioned earlier, I am about to start a new job in Chicago but I have plenty of time to take a grand road trip around the Mid Atlantic and Southern States before winding up in Chicago. So here we go!

It was difficult to finally pack everything up and head off. This trip had been anticipated for a long time but it still felt like an abrupt leave. I'm not much of an emotional person, but I did shed some tears once I crossed the New Hampshire border.

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Mt Carrigain, by way of Signal Ridge, is a relatively straightforward trek that involves a lot of elevation gain but not nearly the route finding that my last few summits had. The trail starts on the Signal Ridge/Carrigain Notch parking area which is marked on the map above. This is about 2 miles down the dirt road which leaves from Route 302. The road is in excellent condition and is easily passable by all vehicles.
The first section is a nice 1.7 miles where you don't gain much elevation. This part flew right by for me. On the other hand, the next 3.3 miles are arduous. Hiking in the Whites always involves part scrambling and part hiking up very rocky and jagged trails. This one was no exception. There were some merciful switchbacks that made the going a little less difficult. Near the top, you come to Signal Ridge which is a false summit but it has a nice view- 

Signal Ridge was as nice as the true summit

Vose Spur and the grand views from the ridgeline
The summit itself has magnificent views due to the remaining fire tower. There aren't very many left in the state but the Mt Carrigain one is probably the best. Nearly every 4,000 Footer can be seen from the summit. In fact, the only ones that I couldn't see were Cabot, Waumbeck, Cannon, Moriah and perhaps a few of the northern Presis. What a great way to finish all the 4,000 footers.
I already posted about my favorites of my entire career of New English peakbagging and I'll have to make sure to include Mt Carrigain in that list. As for now, I'll have to track down all the dates and get my application in to AMC. It was a nice summit to end everything on and I'm thankful for all the adventures I've had in New England. I hope to soon return.
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