There's more than one "Grand Canyon"! Here's some grand canyons that are spread across the country.
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
 There's a lot of canyons out there! Unfortunately the Grand Canyon will be the only one that people will ever travel grand distances just to see. But other canyons that stunningly gorgeous are often called "The Grand Canyon of __________". I've visited a bunch of these and have more to go, but here's 15 other Grand Canyons that might be worth your while to visit.
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This is a map of what I've compiled so far. For all I know, the catch phrase "Grand Canyon of..." could have hundreds of examples. However there really are an amazing number of canyons out there and many are in places you wouldn't expect! Grand Canyon of Mississippi? Grand Canyon of Kansas? Sure! While these destinations might not compare to some of their deeper counterparts, they are still worthy of the term in relation to the surrounding geography. At the least, these destinations could add a little zest into your cross country road trip.  Here's some of the more notable "Grand Canyons" of America.
#1 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Wyoming This is one of the only canyons on this list that’s legitimately been referred to as a Grand Canyon since it became known to the outside world. Other than Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is probably the most visited part of Yellowstone National Park. The two 300 foot falls in the 700 foot-deep canyon make for stunning photography and are easily accessed in a half a mile hike. If you want to beat the crowds, go in the winter! #2 Hells Canyon, Idaho/Oregon "The Grand Canyon of the Northwest" Hells Canyon is truly one of the most magnificent canyons on Earth. Its actually deeper than the Grand Canyon of Arizona. At 8,000ft deep, it’s the deepest on the continent. Situated on the Idaho/Oregon border, it’s an extremely remote destination and overlooks are not as common as they are elsewhere. The Snake River which winds its way through this canyon is rafted occasionally, but it’s an extremely technical and wild adventure #3 Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado I’ve mentioned this place some 3 or 4 times elsewhere on the blog, but I can’t stress enough how awesome this place is. The Gunnison River carves through this canyon at an astounding rate. The walls are 2,000ft high and only a quarter of a mile apart. It is a relatively newly designated national park and a great place for short hikes!
The land of the canyons
#4 Canyonlands, Utah
Zion National Park is undoubtedly the canyon king of Utah but Canyonlands National Park is every bit as incredible and has no crowds. The Island in the Sky is the great lookout point of the park where you can see the might Green and Colorado Rivers converge. Its also the site of the famous Mesa Arch which frames a perfect Southwestern scene. #4 Pine Creek Gorge, Pennsylvania “The Grand Canyon of the East” There’s several competing places for the title of “Grand Canyon of the East” and this place belongs on the list! The Pine Creek has carved this eastern beauty in North-Central Pennsylvania and is a 800ft gorge.
Kings Canyon, California
#5 Kings Canyon, California Kings Canyon National Park is all too often overshadowed by Yosemite Valley but is every bit as magnificent. The actual Kings Canyon is over 8,000ft deep. Unlike the Grand Canyon, Kings Canyon was cut by ancient glaciers and is therefore comparatively narrow. There’s only narrow road through the area but hundreds of hiking and backpacking trails. #6 Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico "Grand Canyon of the Rio Grand"   New Mexico has more canyons than anyone could ever count, but its most famous one is the Rio Grand Gorge where one of the highest bridges in America is located. Gorge Bridge crosses 650ft above the river and has views of the 800ft deep canyon. #7 Palo Duro Canyon, "Grand Canyon of Texas" Situated on the Texas Panhandle in a land that is otherwise flat, the Palo Duro Canyon starkly contrasts the surrounding scenery. Its almost 1,000ft deep in some sections and is the site of the “Lighthouse” rock which has become a symbol of northern Texas. Palo Duro Canyon State Park protects this special place.
Waimea Canyon State Park, Hawaii
#8 Waimea Canyon, Hawaii "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
Mark Twain was the first to call this "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" and the name has stuck since then. Located on Kauai Island of the Hawaiian Islands, this is one of the wettest places on Earth. This 3,000ft deep canyon is protected by Waimea Canyon State Park.
#9 Breaks Interstate Park, Virginia/Kentucky "Grand Canyon of the South"
Another destination which is also referred to as "The Grand Canyon of the South", this is the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi River. It is over 1,000 feet deep in some sections. This place is protected by Breaks Interstate Park. #10 Gulf Hagas, Maine "The Grand Canyon of Maine"  Maine never ceases to amaze me and this is another place that's made my bucket-list. Gulf Hagas is an impressive 400ft gorge located in an extremely wild part of Maine nearby the famous "100 Mile Wilderness". Difficult to get to but surely worth the effort. Gulf Hagas in a National Natural Landmark. On the map above, you'll find 30 other Grand Canyons which I've either visited or heard about by word-of-mouth. Have you come across a unique location that should be considered a Grand Canyon? Let me know! Read. Plan. Get Out There!