Largest waterfall in Indiana! 
Upper Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls State Park is one of the more hidden treasures of the Indiana State Park System. Located about halfway between Indianapolis and Terre Haute, it is frequently overlooked when compared to Brown County, Turkey Run or McCormicks Creek State Parks. As to why, that's a mystery. It is the largest waterfall in the state and is graced with all the pastoral scenery that I think of when I think of Indiana.

Hiking opportunities in the park are limited to a few nice walks but the photography is what tends to draw most adventurers. The above pictured falls is easily seen with a 10 yard walk from the parking lot though the covered bridge can be crossed into a few hiking trails that get below the cataract. It runs with terrific force and is quite loud. The resulting scene is marvelous and I saw now more than 10 other people the day I visited. Nice to have such a nice place to myself!
Lower Falls
Covered Bridge, of course
The lower falls is a short drive away from the upper falls. I noticed a few people fishing - one from a kayak. Nobody seemed to have any trouble landing a bite which leads me to believe that this is a popular honey hole. The lower falls were not the high nor the volume of the upper though they were just as pretty.

It was great place for some quiet reflection or a picnic. None of the hikes were too tough either. I couldn't believe there weren't more people here!