Robbers Cave is one of the favorite state parks in the state of Oklahoma. Its natural and human history have given rise to numerous hiking trails and legends surrounding its cave. For me, it had an uncanny resemblance to several parks out West.

Robbers Cave in the Oklahoma Mountains
Day: 28

Oklahoma continues to amaze as I drive through the relatively mountainous portions of the Ouachitas and Ozarks. This little gem was barely marked on my map but pictures of it flood Oklahoma tourism websites due to its uniquely rugged scenery. Robbers Cave has many legends surrounding it from famous American Outlaws Belle Starr and Jesse James. Certainly it would make an ideal hideout. These days, the large crevasses and precipitous cliffs make an ideal place for scrambling, hiking and rappelling. It reminded me of Joshua Tree, actually.

Robbers Cave State Park is a pretty large state park with hikes that can be up to 10 miles in length. The Cave itself is the most popular feature of the park but three lakes are open for recreation as well. Its a well run park which attracts visitors from all around the region and a few outsiders like me.