After hiking Mt Everett, there were a few other places I wanted to see on this little plateau on the NY-CT-MA border. Bish Bash Falls was a nice enough waterfall of about 60 feet, although it was quite crowded. Bear Mountain was similar to Mt Everett in its strange alpine environment and is the highest actual summit in Connecticut (as opposed to Mt Frissell's south shoulder which is higher but not really a mountain.

Bish Bash Falls, the tallest in Massachusetts
Day: 3
Miles: 521-567

As mentioned earlier, there is much to see on this plateau of mountains. I'd known about Bish Bash Falls as somewhat of an outdoorsman trivia factoid- it is the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts. I knew it would be a little crowded since it is only a short hike and it is well known to New York and Massachusetts residents but I did want to see it while I was in the area.

The hike begins up New York Route 344 which is off of Route 22 near the state line. Here are directions. It is about 1/2 a mile downhill from the parking area to the waterfall. For anyone who's even a moderately serious hiker, this is an easy one.
The Falls viewed from the trail
The Appalachian Trail on Bear Mountain
View from the summit of Bear Mountain

Hiking Bear Mountain, CT

Bear Mountain interested me because it is a lovely summit in Connecticut that, like nearby Mt Everett, is completely alpine despite its low elevation. It is crossed by the Appalachian Trail but can be easily accessed from the nearby Salisbury via the Undermountain Trail. This hike can easily be done in 1/2 a day for any moderately experienced hiker. However it is quite steep. It is 6.4 miles, round trip.

Here's a trail map-

View Hiking Bear Mountain, Connecticut in a larger map
Compared to most everything north of here on the AT, this is actually quite tame but it was still a good workout. The views from the top were excellent-
The summit of Mt Everett
There wasn't much else to say about the two hikes- they were very easy and straightforward. I was able to do Everett, Bear and Bish Bash in a day and had plenty of time afterwards for a drink in town. What a nice little section of the AT!
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