A brief adventure on my trip through the Mid Atlantic was visiting the high point of Delaware. It is perhaps the only high point in a suburban neighborhood. I'm sure many people pass by this place on their way to work.
The Delaware High Point
Day: 7
Miles: 956

I'll start this whimsical little post out with an apology: I am sorry, Delaware. I'm the type of traveler who knows that there are probably many adventures to be had in The First State and I'm sorry that the only one I did was the high point. Please forgive me.

Seriously though, Delaware is more diverse than you might think. Wilmington is a nice city with probably much in common with my Portland, Maine. Newcastle is a cool college town. The northeastern hills hide some bucolic little farms, rivers and areas for hiking. The coast is another grand sight to see and Rehoboth Beach is a great beach town. Again, this entire trip has been just me making a larger list of things to come back for.

On this day, I did "hike" the high point of the First State which is known as Ebright Azimuth. It is a small hill of no concern to anyone but high pointers. It doesn't have the prominence to be considered a "real mountain" and it lies within a suburban neighborhood. It is one of those quirky little high points that probably sees its fair share of weird highpointers like me. For other examples, see Sunflower Mountain (High Point of Kansas), Jerimoth Hill (High Point of Rhode Island) or Panorama Point (High Point of Nebraska).
Little field and Radio Tower (not open to public)
It was a short walk from one of the neighborhoods to get to the high point. The area has been dressed up a bit and is a nice place in itself. There's an ancient-looking radio tower near the summit too which I imagine is a great lookout. It is a shame you are not allowed to climb it. All in all, the visit took 20 minutes. It wasn't a grand adventure but it was a novel one. Here's to 18 high points and counting!

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