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 By Quincy Koetz
City of Rocks National Preserve Idaho

Hiking and Sightseeing at City of Rocks Preserve, Idaho

My first return to Idaho in 7 years began with a trip through the imaginative and unique City of Rocks Preserve. Though known for rock climbing, a few informal hiking trails lead to some fantastic vistas. Idaho was on my short list of states that I’ve visited but barely explored. Part of the impetus for...

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Arc Dome, Nevada

Hiking Arc Dome, Nevada

When it comes to the far flung and remote, few places match Central Nevada. It was a particularly difficult section to cross for those on the California Trail as well as the Pony Express. Except for a few asphalt and dirt highways, not much has changed since then. It’s a mythical frontier that draws solitude...

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Sierra Buttes

Hiking Tamarack Lakes Trails, California

A mid-spring hike in the Tamarack Lakes region might as well be a winter hike anywhere else. Snowy trails lead to abundant solitude A Blank Spot on the Map If you drew a line between Lake Tahoe and Mt Lassen, about halfway between is Plumas and Sierra Counties. With a combined population of less than...

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