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 By Quincy Koetz
Sulphur Springs Mountain Solono County Vacaville Hike (6)

Sulphur Springs Mountain Hike near Vallejo, California

Sulphur Springs Mountain (officially named but probably a misspelling of Sulfur Springs Mountain) is a beautiful mountain of modest altitude located near Vallejo, California. It captured my attention for two reasons. The first was its status on the Bay Area Nifty 90 Peaklist which interested me recently. The second goes with the first- COVID19 made...

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leprechaun canyon

Leprechaun Canyon Hike, Utah

At some point in all my wanderings, somebody informed me about Leprechaun Canyon, a fantastic alternative to the often crowded slots of Southern Utah. Even on a fair weather weekend in the early summer, there was hardly a soul in the canyon when I visited After a fairly crowded but enjoyable meander through Little Wild...

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Shoshone Falls View

Sightseeing Shoshone Falls, Idaho

After heavy early-summer rains, Shoshone Falls was running with tremendous force through this famous gorge known as the Niagara of the West. Shoshone Falls: Niagara of the West Oh I know I’m not stumbling upon anything new here by writing about Shoshone Falls. But when you’re just minutes away from the greatest natural features in...

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