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 By Quincy Koetz
Liberty Lake Ruby Mountains Nevada

Lamoille Canyon Hike, Nevada

My final adventure of my 17 day road trip through the Northwest was hiking Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. Though extremely picturesque, the canyon remains unspoiled due to its remoteness. After climbing Utah’s State highpoint, I officially turned my sights towards home. Its a long drive from Salt Lake City to San...

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North Schell Peak, Nevada

Hiking North Schell Peak, Nevada

On my second day of this gigantic road trip, I continued east on the Loneliest Road in America. After arriving at Ely, Nevada, I turned might sights towards North Schell Peak, a massive summit in eastern Nevada.  North Schell Peak Overview Arc Dome was a challenging but excellent start to this 17 day road trip....

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Arc Dome, Nevada

Hiking Arc Dome, Nevada

When it comes to the far flung and remote, few places match Central Nevada. It was a particularly difficult section to cross for those on the California Trail as well as the Pony Express. Except for a few asphalt and dirt highways, not much has changed since then. It’s a mythical frontier that draws solitude...

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