An outdoorsman and Nurse Practitioner living in Chicago. When I first started this blog, I was an EMT living in Southern California and this blog has followed...

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 By Quincy Koetz
Tent Rocks NM

Hiking Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

After exploring Pueblo National Monument, I set my sights for the elusive Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Nothing inspires curiosity and imagination like a hike at Tent Rocks National Monument. I heard about this place from some online list of “best hidden gems” in the Southwest (or something like that). Anyways, I was finally...

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Snow Geese Fly Out New Mexico

Birding at Bosque del Apache Reserve

I came back down from the mountains and stumbled upon a a birding experience at Bosque del Apache; often labeled as the best in the country! WOW! I took the image above within 10 minutes of entering the refuge. I couldn’t believe I nearly missed this place. People from across the country and world come...

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New Mexico Lookout Mountain

Hiking Lookout Mountain, New Mexico

Hiking Lookout Mountain is a shorter but steep trail with plenty of exposure to the high altitude range New Mexico’s topography rolls from desert valleys to icy mountain tops in a matter of miles. I spent the previous day wandering the warm Alamogordo Valley at White Sands and the next day I hiked the cold...

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New Mexico Road Trip: Hiking and Visiting Cloudcroft

After seeing Carlsbad Caverns, I turned West and climbed the grade into one of the highest towns in the USA- Cloudcroft, New Mexico My First Memory? I’ve read before that your first memories can play a role in explaining personality. Not sure if I’ve ever really believed that but I can tell you that one...

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